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Paddling jacket rental

Paddling jacket rental

Peak Pro Long is a waterproof and windproof jacket made for paddling. What distinguishes this Aquaout from a regular waterproof jacket are the Velcro arm cuffs, as well as the neck and waist fastening, which slows down the access of water when paddling.


  • Instructions for use

    The neck and arm cuffs must be put on carefully, calmly helping with the fingers, before removing the watch and rings from the hand and glasses and other sharp objects that can break the latex from the head. Changing a neck cuff costs €40 and changing a hand cuff costs €30. Other repairs by agreement.

    When closing the lock, make sure that both sides of the lock run in the correct teeth and make sure that the lock is closed all the way (even the last 0.5mm!).

    Water shoes (neoprene slippers, rubber boots, etc.) must be worn over the sock part of the dry suit, because the sock wears out and breaks when stepping on rocks or branches.

  • Underwear

    The jacket does not keep the body temperature, but keeps the wind and water like a shell jacket.

  • Collection and return

    For the Võhandu marathon, we bring things to the start on Friday evening and take them back at the finish line, or for very late finishers, they must be sent to Pärnu by Cargobus or parcel machine within 2 days. In case of later return, clean and dry equipment must be sent at the renter's expense to the Pärnu Turku parcel machine as soon as possible.

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