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Canoe personal skills 23.04

Canoe personal skills 23.04

Canoe  ABCDE  the course is preparation  for a safe and enjoyable canoe trip. Those interested in canoe rowing are welcome to attend the course. Canoeing ABCDE provides knowledge for independent hiking planning, decision making and safe hiking alone in a canoe (solo canoe).  The content of the course corresponds to the content of the British Canoeing Paddlesport Start course, those who successfully complete the course can obtain the corresponding BC certificate of acquired skills.  

  • Clothing and equipment selection   gives a quick overview of how to dress according to the weather and the planned trip. In terms of equipment, various canoes,  oars and the necessary safety equipment. You will learn to choose the right size equipment and equipment packaging.
  • With regard to launching and landing , the safe handling of the canoe during transport, movement, access to water and landing shall be considered. Let's look at common mistakes and learn to avoid them. 
  • In terms of rowing techniques , we learn to row effectively, control the canoe, stop, row in pairs, avoid obstacles. 
  • In terms of safety, we learn to read water, notice and avoid dangers, and we also discuss primary rescue techniques for rescuing ourselves, our companions and equipment.
  • Decision-making process , rowing in different water bodies (stagnant water, running water, open water bodies), associated safety, weather forecast.
  • Trip planning
  • Safety and camping equipment required for independent hiking
  • Personal technical, tactical and rescue skills required for a safe hike.
  • Group rowing, communication, etiquette.
  • Taking into account other road users.
  • Prices

    Canoe ABC the price of the training is €160, the price includes canoe equipment and dry suit, boots, gloves, helmet, two lunches in the form of soup. If desired_cc781905-5cbbde31-9b-31 136bad5cf58d_it is possible to get lodging with a personal sleeping bag in the Karuskos huts. 

  • Of skills

    Kanuu ABC koolitus on ettevalmistus ohutuks ja nauditavaks kanuumatkaks. Kanuu ABC annab teadmised iseseisvaks for trip planning, decision-making and safe hiking alone in a canoe (solo canoe). it is possible to acquire a corresponding BC certificate for acquired skills.  

    • Choice of clothing and equipment  gives a quick overview of how to dress according to the weather and the planned hike. In terms of equipment, the various canoes, oars and necessary safety equipment will be introduced. Learning how to choose the right size gear and how to pack gear.
    • Launching and landingsection focuses on safe handling of the canoe during transportation, moving, getting on the water and landing. Let's look at common common mistakes and learn to avoid them. 
    • Rowing techniquein this part we learn to paddle effectively, steer the canoe, stop, paddle in pairs, avoid obstacles. 
    • SecurityIn this section, we will learn to read water, spot and avoid dangers, and also discuss first aid techniques to save yourself, your companions, and your equipment.
    • The decision-making process, paddling on different bodies of water (settled vesi, running water, open water bodies), associated safety, weather report.
    • Planning a hike
    • For an independent hikenecessary safety and hiking equipment
    • Personal technical, tactical andrescue skills.
    • Paddling in a group, communication, etiquette for movement on the water.
    • Accounting with other water users.
  • Additional information

    At Karuskos, it is possible to spend the night in a stove-heated balcony or in an electric-heated aviary. Nearby is also the RMK Karuskos forest ranger's forest house with a sauna and sleeping mats. The nearest accommodation option with sheets is Soomaa Puhkeküla Riisal. If desired, you can also camp at Karuskos.

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