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Canoeing and camping for families

Canoeing and camping for families

We invite 6-10-year-old children with their parents to a two-day camp in Soomaa, Karuskos, to get acquainted with canoeing and hiking. During two days we will enjoy the charms of rural life, but we will also learn water and hiking skills and safety; we ride canoes and SUP boards; we hike in the swamp and play on land and water. Parents can enjoy the pleasures of a smoke sauna in the evening, while the children can enjoy a movie night. Other times we promise happy, tired kids and quality time with them is guaranteed! The night is spent in riverside cabins, where birdsong and fresh air guarantee a wonderful sleep. The camp takes place in all weathers.


The camp is run by Helen Kari (Kari Outdoors) and Rene Valner (Sea Kayaking Estonia). 


* If you have your group of friends from at least three families, we would make the camp at a time convenient for you.

  • Coffee

    First day

    At 11, arrive / snack

    At 12, on the water, three hours on the water, rescues and ball game, water safety lecture, throwing a lifebuoy

    Food / chill - trampoline and chickens, fishing / gift 

    Swamp trip late at night

    Movie Night / Smoke Sauna


    Another day

    9 a.m., pancakes and breakfast

    At 10, a trip to Lemmjõgi  tongue and picnic for 3-4 hours

    At 2 p.m., packing and finishing


  • Sleeping

    Karuskos has 3 four-bed huts. We will accommodate the first registrants in these huts. If there are residents in the huts, later registrants can sleep in large tents.

    You could have a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat for campers. In case of missing bedding, we can borrow mats and sleeping bags for 10 € / item.

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