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Canoe rental

Canoe rental

Silverbirch Broadland Duracore 16 '  two-seater canoe with good maneuverability  for rowing with running water.

Old Town Discovery Royalex 158 spacious and stable three-seater canoe for running water.

Mad River Reflection Royalex 15 '  shorter, straighter bottom and smaller double canoe for smooth water.

Trapper Corvus 505 kevlar / carbon fast, very straight bottom, light double canoe for smooth water.


New canoes 2021! Please contact us by booking.


In the early spring of 2021, the following new canoes will be added to us:

Silverbirch 17 Duracore Plus, yellow, four seats

Silverbirch 17 Duracore Plus, brick red, four seats

Silverbirch Broadland 16 Duralite, electric blue-pink

Silverbirch Broadland 16 Duralite, pink-electric blue

Silverbirch Broadland 16 Duralite, orange-lime green

Silverbirch Broadland 15 Duralite, lime green-orange, sailing seat and mast foot

Silverbirch Firefly 14 Duralite, yellow-orange, with two seats


  • Equipment

    When renting a canoe, the set includes a canoe, safety vests, and 54 '' (137cm) or 57 '' (145cm) Carlisle Economy canoes with an aluminum shaft.


    All canoes are equipped with air cushions and a couple of meters of transport ends at both ends. All canoes are equipped with a seat or sloping tree for solo separation.

  • Accessories

    If necessary, we also rent spare steam (15 €) dry bags (5 €).

  • Receipt and return

    We will agree on the receipt and return of the boats by e-mail. 

    We bring boats to the Võhandu marathon and the Türi-Tori rapid descent  start and take back at the finish (unless otherwise agreed). In case of cancellation, there is an additional charge of 10 € on delivery from the checkpoint.

PriceFrom €130.00
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