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Carbon Oat Celtic Pro rental

Carbon Oat Celtic Pro rental

Celtic four  partial oars are known all over the world for their flexible solutions, durability and good quality.  As the name suggests, the Pro Series is designed for professionals for whom it is important that one paddle can be used for different lengths, blade angles, both left and right handed, and these choices can be made in just seconds. You can choose between straight and curved stems.


The blade sizes are available: 

600 cm² - for smaller rowers

650  cm² - the most popular and suitable for most people

700  cm² or more - suitable for strong athletic rowers  ka  good for surfing

  • Long term rental

    When renting a oar for a longer period, write to us, the weekly rental price of the oar is 100 €. For long term rentals, please contact us for dates.

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