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Sea of Straits Expedition 6-10.07

Sea of Straits Expedition 6-10.07

The Väinameri (Estonian for Strait Sea or Sea of Straits) or Väinameri Sea is a strait located between the West Estonian Archipelago and the Estonian mainland. It covers several of our all time favourite weekend paddles: Hiiumaa islets Saarnaki, Hanikatsi and Kõrgelaid with their distinctive old times island life history and ringed seals habitats. One of the oldest islands in Väinameri Kesselaid with it's spectacular fir forest, Silurian cliff, natural harbour and floating sauna, Bay of Matsalu with tens of forbidden to land islets is our most honoured bird area and heart of Matsalu National Park. Vormsi island marks the Northern edge of Väinameri and is famous for it's coastal Swedes heritage and biggest collection of sun cross grave marks. Further East in Hari strait lays Harilaid with former Soviet radio station, and on a way back to Hiiumaa are favourite breeding shoals of local Grey seal population. We decided to link those favourite weekend paddles into one expedition starting and ending in Hiiumaa Heltermaa harbor. All together it´s minimum 5 days and 120+ km of paddling. Some longer crossings are up to 2 hrs of paddling. We consider Väinameri to be well protected sea area, due to it´s shallowness water heats up early in a season and stays warm through summer. If you feel like seasoned weekend paddles and would like to start with longer expeditions, then this trip is the best to start with.

Your hassle-free adventure includes:

  • 5 days of sea kayaking in Väinameri (Sea of Straits)
  • 4 nights of wild camping on a remote islands, most of the nights in prepared campsites with fire-pit, some outdoor furniture, toilet.
  • Evening and day hikes on islands.
  • Professional, local, English-speaking guide
  • At least one sauna night
  • All kayaking equipment
  • Perfect for

    This is the perfect week long getaway for active travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, suitable for Sea Kayak Award holders or paddlers who have relevant skills and experiences. Daily distances will be below 25km / 4-5 hrs of paddling. Longest crossings around 10km / 2hrs of paddling. Overall distance is expected to be 120km.

  • Accommodation

    You’ll spend 4 nights wild camping with campfire on different islets. Quality camping equipment available for rent.

  • What should I bring

    Sleeping gear (tent, mattress (inflatable on to be sure it fits in kayak), sleeping bag), mobile phone, charger or battery bank, head torch, personal water for drinking 1,5-2l per day (possible to fill up mid trip), sunglasses, personal medications, small hiking towel, rain jacket with hood, long quick drying trousers and long sleeve top for paddling, down jacket or other warm jacket, beanie or buff, clothes for camp.

    Personal snacks for quick bites on the water and whilst camp food is in making.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Cancellation, Reschedule and Relocation

    • Any participant who cancels their booking and does not reschedule to another tour/course date will have their payment refunded fully only when the cancellation is made 30 days before the trip. 50% of the booking fee will be refunded when the cancellation is made 14 days before the tour/course start.

  • Informed consent / Assumption of Risk

    Known and unforeseen hazards, damage to health, property or third parties may be involved in sea kayaking. Dangers include: boat capsizing, collision with objects or other bases, exposure to cold water, hypothermia, drowning; catching cold, sun burn, strong winds, cold, high waves, eddies, thunderstorms and other rapidly changing, unfavorable weather and water conditions, aggressive terrestrial and marine animals. These hazards are not eliminated and may occur given activity.

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