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Silverbirch Broadland Canoe

Silverbirch Broadland Canoe

Silberbirch Broadland is a British canoe made of composite material, which is suitable for Estonia's shallow, meandering rivers. The Broadland canoe is  with a round bottom and a moderate rocker.


The model is available in four different lengths. The 14 and 15 foot models fit alone or in pairs  to drive. The 16-foot ride is one, two or three. The 17-foot can be ordered with four rows of seats. 


There are two different composite materials to choose from. Duracore +  is made of three layers of polyethylene and this material is a canoe  stiffer,  more durable and heavier. In the Duralite version, a lighter foam is pressed between the two layers of polyethylene, which makes the canoe lighter. 


Duracore + canoe is available in cherry red and forest green. Duralite has a wider range of colors.


As an accessory, canoes can be ordered with island wood railings, air cushions, kneeling and / or carrying trees and rope lifting eyes. A list of possible extras and prices can be found here .


The canoe can be made 32 mm deeper, especially for riders on rapids.

    PriceFrom 1 593,00 €
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