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SKUK / NDK sea kayaks

SKUK / NDK sea kayaks

SKUK / NDK is an abbreviation of the names  Sea Kayaking UK / Nigel Dennis Kayaks .

These are the most durable sea kayaks in the world. There are few other producers in the world of sea kayaks that have been in business for so long and  these are some of the best kayaks.


The Explorer series is a classic in hiking kayaks. Designed for harsh conditions to travel long distances. The Explorer is our main expedition and three different sizes should suit any size hiker. The explorers are faster than the Romany series, with good maneuverability, good handling, high load capacity and good capacity. The Latitude model, designed for tall and slender people, would also be included here. An HV model is also available from the Explorer.


The Pilgrim series kayaks are  designed from the start for a smaller, thinner, lighter rider. The hull of the pilgrim is narrower, the boat is somewhat more unstable, smaller in volume and therefore easier to control. In addition to Pilgrim and Pilgrim Expedition , this includes the new Echo , which is even lower than the previous ones.


The Romany series is a well-managed, low-key "playboat" at sea. Thanks to the quick and immediate response, Romany is the "work boat" of many marine kayak trainers. Romany series boats are produced in five  body shape with small variations. There are two plastic models - Romany Sport and Sportive .


In addition  are the Triton (two-seater injection), Greenlander (Eskimo injection), Cadence , Pulse and Quantum , which are faster boats.


As an order, you can choose between all RAL colors, designs and accessories.


The price of a plastic kayak is 1500 € and the standard price * for a fiberglass boat is 2700 € upon reservation, except for Triton, Cadence, Pulse and Quantum. The price of a three-part kayak adds € 1,100 and that of a Triton Double two-piece adds € 1,050.


It is definitely wise to consult before and try a kayak if possible. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us and check out the website.

Payment is made in two parts, half on order and half on receipt.


* Standard price is for a standard lay-up boat without wedge protection, special built in paint and other extras.

  • Dimensions of boats

    Explorer  Boat length 533.5 cm, width: 54 cm, depth: 34.5 cm, total volume: 313.5 liters, volume of the first dry compartment: 73 liters, volume of the cockpit: 147 liters, volume of the day hatch: 37.5 liters, volume of the rear hatch: 56 liters.


    Explorer HV  Expedition injection for a large rower. Kayak length 533.5 cm, width: 56 cm, depth: 35 cm, total volume: 319 liters, front hatch volume: 73 liters, cockpit: 152 liters, day hatch volume: 38 liters, tailgate volume: 56 liters.


    Pilgrim is a day / weekend injection for a small or tall and skinny rower, length 480 cm, width: 50 cm, depth: 30.5 cm, total volume: 250.5 liters, front hatch volume: 62 liters, cockpit volume: 117.5 liters, day hatch volume: 36 liters, tailgate capacity: 35 liters.


    Pilgrim Expedition is a hiking kayak for the smaller rower. Length: 519 cm, width: 50 cm, depth: 30.5 cm, total volume: 283 liters, tailgate volume: 72.5 liters, cockpit volume: 130 liters, tailgate volume: 38 liters, tailgate volume: 42.5 liters.

    Romany Classic is a Day / Weekend injection for the medium rower. Length: 485 cm, width: 54 cm, depth: 32.5 cm, total volume: 276.15 liters, volume of the front hatch: 57.5 liters, volume of the cockpit: 140 liters, volume of the sunroof: 37.5 liters, volume of the tailgate: 41.6 liters.

    Romany LV -  Day / weekend injection for very small rowers. Kayak length 487.5 cm, width: 54.5 cm, depth: 30 cm, total volume: 244.9 liters, front hatch volume: 64.5 liters, cockpit volume: 103 liters, day hatch volume: 36.8 liters, tailgate volume : 40.6 liters.

    Romany Surf - Day / weekend injection for large rowers. Length: 492 cm, width: 55 cm, depth: 34 cm, total volume: 314 liters, tailgate volume: 64 liters, cockpit volume: 165 liters, tailgate volume: 42 liters, tailgate volume: 43 liters.

    Romany Excel  Day / weekend injection for extra large ones. Kayak length: 510 cm, width: 56.5 cm, depth: 36.5 cm, total volume: 323 liters, front hatch volume: 67 liters, cockpit volume: 150 liters, day hatch volume: 47 liters, tailgate volume: 59 liters.

    Triton Double -  Day / weekend injection for medium to large rowers. Kayak length 673 cm, width: 57 cm, depth: 34 cm, total volume: 476.5 liters, front hatch volume: 73 liters, cockpit volume: 147 liters, day hatch volume: 37.5 liters, tailgate volume: 56 liters.

    Greenlander -  High-speed expedition with a traditional line for a medium-sized rider. Kayak length: 547 cm, width: 53.5 cm, depth: 32.5 cm, total volume: 290 liters, tailgate volume: 64 liters, cockpit volume: 143 liters, tailgate volume: 33 liters, tailgate volume: 50 liters.


  • About constructions

    The standard lay up is for the average user and for expeditions.


    Among SKE boats, most of them have Heavy Duty (+ 60 €) boats - they have to work hard to break them, ie the risk of holes is minimal. Heavy Duty boats are also the easiest to repair because the repairs remain strong when the adjacent material is strong.

    Elite (+ 415 €) - 3kg lighter version of fiberglass, which needs a more careful attitude.
    Of the C / K constructions, a 50/50 (+ 510 €) layup or carbon-Kevlar blanket and a glass fabric base are a good option, which has the advantage of easy bottom repairs. The boat with a 50/50 construction weighs about 23 kg with hatch covers.
    C / K (+ 975 €) is made for expeditions and for a skilled rower.


    NB! When ordering a light boat, we recommend choosing darker colors. For example, a light yellow Elite lay-up boat weighs about as much as a dark-colored boat with a standard design.

  • What model is right for me?

    NDK / SKUK sea kayaks, starting from the smallest.  We strongly encourage you to seek advice, as orienting and trying in models is a natural part before purchasing a kayak.


    Echo - day watering, designed for small rowers, quick and easy to maneuver. Replaces the reduced models of Pilgrim and Pilgrim Expedition.

    Romany LV - for a day or a weekend on the water, designed as a playboat for a small person. With a lower deck than Pilgrim. 

    Pilgrim - an injection for a day or a weekend on the water, for small rowers. The hull of the pilgrim is narrower, the boat is somewhat more unstable, smaller in volume and therefore easier to control. Thanks to the narrower hull, the boat is faster than the Romany and Explorer. The aft deck is even lower for turning and the seat is slightly forward compared to other GDR boats. For better rowing position and lower volume, there are elevations on both sides of the cockpit leading edge on the knees.  The keyhole-shaped cockpit provides excellent locking and control and makes it easy and convenient to enter and exit the kayak, even in difficult conditions. The cockpit is significantly shorter than in other GDR boats, the maximum length of the rower with which the cockpit can be raised while sitting is approx. 185 cm.

    Pilgrim Expedition  -  injection  for a weekend or a week  on the water. Narrow, fast, larger pilgrim forwarding kayak for small or skinny rowers. 

    Romany Sportive -  injection for a day or a weekend on the water, plastic Romany is suitable for small to medium-sized rowers.

    Latitude - for a weekend or a week on the water. Fast and narrow hiking boat, designed for long and skinny rowers.

    Romany Classic - for a day or a weekend on the water. In playful conditions, easy to maneuver and drive in the wind.

    Romany Surf - For a day or a weekend on the water. Romany Surf is a fast-reacting sea surf injection for medium and large riders. The flatter body is extrastable, with a full-length front seat that can hold up to 46 feet. Designed for foamy seas, reacts quickly and predictably to driving. The kayak has the largest keyhole cockpit of all British-origin sea kayaks and a larger rear than the Romany Classic.​ Playful, wider and curved bottom than the Romany Classic.

    Romany Sport -  for a day or a weekend on the water. For playful conditions, a plastic injection designed by Romany Surf. Wider and more curved bottom than the Romany Classic.

    Explorer  - for a weekend, a week or more on the water made  for driving long distances in stormy conditions. The boat is designed for medium and large rowers. 

    Explorer HV -  for the weekend, for a week or more on the water, designed for foot number 46 or more, with a higher deck than the Explorer.

    The Greenlander is a low-profile high-speed expedition, ideal for the medium-sized rower. The goal is a comfortable and fast, smooth injection. The Greenlander is designed based on the traditional Inuit boat building, which is also indicated by the upturned tail. Injection with straight sides and a round cockpit falling on the back deck. The sides of the hull have one curved plane and the deck has three. In 2000, the kayak was first used on an expedition in Greenland, and since then local hunters have bought Greenlanders for their daily hunting trip. The Greenlander is equipped with a guard seat. The kayak has a very low rear deck to make it very easy to perform and a round cockpit, which ensures perfect locking and excellent control over the kayak. The sloping partition behind the seat allows the kayak to be emptied only by raising the bow.

    Romany Excel -  for a day or a weekend on the water.  Easy to handle even in harsh conditions. Due to the flat bottom, this injection is suitable for a rider who appreciates greater stability. Ideal injection for 100+ weight. The kayak has a larger and wider cockpit opening and plenty of legroom on both sides of the cockpit thanks to the raised front deck. Due to the large legroom, there are bumps on the front.

    Romany Excel Expedition -  for a weekend or longer on the water, a well-maneuvered and well-kept injection with a weight of 100+  rower.



    Triton Double is a tandem injection. The kayak is fast and manoeuvrable, its main features are based on Explorer and the goal was to design a dual kayak suitable for day trips to week-long expeditions. Triton is suitable for intermediate and advanced rowers.​ The Triton is equipped with a High Performance Fiberglass Seat, unless otherwise agreed. The retractable lever is standard, but a rudder can also be fitted. The Triton has four fiberglass partitions, 2 hatches (front and rear) and an extra 30 cm hatch located on the rear deck of the rear rower. Standard keyhole cockpits ensure good control and allow easy entry and exit. There is a recess for the missiles on the deck between the two rowers. Making an Eskimo turn with the Triton is as easy as with the Explorer, and emptying the kayak is similar to other NDK kayaks, all you have to do is raise the bow. Triton is a high-performance sport sea kayak for rowers who want a fast and safe vehicle. Day / weekend injection for medium to large rowers. 

  • Colors

    Standard colors 2019 - There is no extra charge for selecting these colors.

    Yellow (RAL1023) Orange (RAL2009) Red (RAL3020) Blue (RAL5015) Quill (RAL9002) White (RAL9016) Spring Green (RAL6018) Black (RAL9017)


    Standard colors are Romany Sport and Sportive  or for plastic boats - 

    Blue with white trim & seat

    Orange with yellow trim & seat;
    Spring Green with red trim & seat

    Red with black trim & seat
    Pink with white trim & seat

    Yellow with red trim & seat

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