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SKUK/NDK plastic sea kayaks

SKUK/NDK plastic sea kayaks

SKUK/NDKis an abbreviation of the names Sea Kayaking UK / Nigel Dennis Kayaks.

These are the most durable sea kayaks in the world. There are few other manufacturers in the world of sea kayaks that have been active for such a long time and we are dealing with sea kayak classics.


Romany series is a well-maneuvered, low back deck ''playboat'' for the sea. Thanks to its quick and immediate response, Romany is the No. 1 "work boat" of many sea kayak trainers. Romany series boats are produced in five sizes and with slight variations in hull shape. Of these, there are two plastic models -Romany SportandSports.


The price of the plastic kayak is €1,700.


It is definitely wise to consult first and try the kayak if possible. In case of questions, be sure to contact us and also check the homepage.

Payment is made in two parts, half upon ordering and half upon delivery.

  • The dimensions of the boats

    Romany Sport - Day / weekend injection for medium and larger paddlers. Length: 489 cm, width: 54 cm, depth: 33 cm, total volume: 282 liters, front hatch volume: 55 liters, cockpit volume: 160 liters, sunroof volume: 27.5 liters, rear hatch volume: 40 liters.

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