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Typhoon 5mm calypso

Typhoon 5mm calypso

Typhoon's 5mm calypso is made based on the needs of water sports. Kalipso is comfortable and durable. Available in sizes M, LM, L and XL. A total of 10 pieces are available.

  • Size chart

    Size   Max chest circumference (cm) Max length (cm)
    Medium M 102 178
    Large Medium LM 107 183
    Large L 112 188
    Extra Large XL 117 193


  • Collection and return

    Calypso's home is Soomaa. We give the calypso dry and clean and we want to get it back in the same condition. At the Võhandu and Türi-Tori marathons, they can be returned at the finish (as they are after the marathon). Returns can be made at Finish as long as our last boat has arrived on the water. Later returns are made at the renter's expense via the Smartpost Itella Viljandi Turu Konsum parcel machine. 

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