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Training of water guide EKR4 16.-17.04 and 30.04-1.05

Training of water guide EKR4 16.-17.04 and 30.04-1.05

The water guide guide training is for hikers who lead a trip on protected water bodies: rivers, lakes and the coastal sea. The aim of the training is to provide tour guides with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct safe, professional, enjoyable canoe and kayak trips based on the needs and expectations of the group members. Passing the training of a water guide is a prerequisite  for the examination of the professional standard (water level 4 ) of the active water instructor of an instructor of active activities.
Water tour guide:
  • Understands and implements the safety requirements necessary for water trips and acts accordingly.

  • Possesses and follows the requirements related to personal protective equipment during water trips. 

  • Can apply basic techniques for guiding and conducting a water trip: planning and preparing a trip, transport to and from the starting point, catering for the trip, instruct participants in basic techniques for driving a vehicle, navigate, assess weather conditions, carry out rescue work, provide first aid. 

  • Can complete personal and group equipment for a water trip and check its condition.

  • Can prepare for a trip that raises participants' awareness of the local natural, historical and cultural history.



    The four-day training will take place on October 13-16 in Soomaa.

    The price of the training is €400. The price includes the registration fee of the Estonian Hiking Association, training, lunches and, if necessary, equipment. For an additional fee (€110), you can get Karuskosel accommodation, dinners and a sauna. Overnight stays in heated mini-houses with your own bed linen or sleeping bag.

    The trainer is Rene Valner (British Canoeing Advanced Sea Kayak Leader, Canoe Leader, Sheltered Water Canoe and Kayak coach).

PriceFrom €480.00
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