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Intro to Moving water

Intro to Moving water

In a one - day mooving water course, you will learn to read and  the dynamics of moving water and control the boat . It's great for learning the basics of river kayaking. You become independent and make right decisions. You are familiar with the terminology, edging and other vital skills.  You know the main rescue techniques and equipment. 


The course is one of the prerequisites for borrowing Sea Kayaking Estonia kayaks.


 The content of the training / qualification is the development of decision-making and practical skills to ensure that the time spent on the water is safe and enjoyable. Take a step forward this weekend to be a more skilled and independent kayak rider. You will learn how to choose and use equipment successfully, you will understand the factors that affect kayaking and you will build confidence that the decisions you have made are good. If you are not sure if this is still for you, see also the TECHNICALS section.


    Training starts in the morning at 10:30 meeting in Soomaa, Karuskosel. After collecting the necessary equipment, we head to Tori Jõesuu.

    The training ends approximately at 5 p.m.

    The price of the training is €90. The price of the training includes paddling equipment (boat, oar, vest, apron, dry suit, helmet) and a brief theory and guidance for a practical day on the water.

    Rowing equipment is required by SKE. If you have your own dry suit, helmet or other equipment, we definitely recommend bringing them! -€10 discount when using your own equipment.


    Booked and paid trainings  on cancellation 60  the day before the trip, the full participation fee will be refunded. If the trip is canceled for at least 7 days  50% of the participation fee will be refunded before the trip. If the hike is canceled less than 24h before the event then  the participation fee will not be refunded. If the trip is canceled up to 6 hours before the event, it is possible to choose a new trip if there are free places, in which case the participation fee for the new trip is considered to be paid with the canceled trip participation fee. The trip reservation is valid from the moment the participation fee is received  To the bank account of Kayaking Estonia OÜ.


    Rowing clothes:

    • Dress according to water and air temperature. Take at least two coats of warm with you  clothes to wear under a dry suit.
    • If the water temperature is below 10 C, a thicker warm cloth, eg Polartec fleece, should be used under a dry suit. If necessary, dry suits are provided by SKE.
    • Depending on the weather, the head could have a warm hat, buff, etc.


    Personal equipment:

    • Warm linen and pictures of spare clothes

    • Snacks for lunch and a hot drink.


    Let's learn to read the flow and  water dynamics, refinement skills, learning to tilt a boat, entering the current, exiting the current,  ferryglide, the use of oars, tail and nose pads,  rescue techniques and group hiking safety procedures. By the end of the training, we have become acquainted with the principles and techniques of safe kayaking.  The training is a good introduction for beginners or those who want to take part in a kayak trip.

    Apart from safety equipment (dry suit, helmets, etc.)  dressing begins with an introduction to theory - a quick overview of the flow dynamics in rivers, dangerous places and common mistakes in overturning, and  when the boat is broken. 

    The above-water part of the training takes place in Tori-Jõesuu, where there is enough running water of different severity. The day starts with simpler techniques and places, and by the end of the second day you can try more and more complex ones  and more turbulent places.

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