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Kolga Bay Islands, July 16-18, August 13-15

Kolga Bay Islands, July 16-18, August 13-15

A three-day trip on the islands of Kolga Bay, Prangli and Keri is one of the coolest trips on the Estonian coast of the Gulf of Finland. For the first night, Aks will be rowed, stopped and explored Rammu Island, which has an exciting cultural history and is very diverse. The second day at noon  a stop will be made at Prangli, which is the only permanently inhabited small island on the northern coast of Estonia. You can gather your strength to drive to Keri by dining in the lovely and authentic island kitchen. In the evening, drive to Keri, where you can go to the sauna and explore the lighthouse before falling asleep. On Sunday we will drive over Aksi  and Rammu back to Kaberneeme. 


The three-day trip on the islands of Kolga Bay, Prangli and Keri is one of the coolest paddles in the North Coast of Estonia. For the first evening we will paddle it  Rammu - explore an exciting cultural story and a very diverse island. On the morning of the second day, a stop will be made in Aksil, which seems to be one of the most nordic feeling  island of Estonia. For lunch we paddle  to Prangli have a dinner in a local restaurant, walk around and padddle to Keri islet some 7km from Prangli. Keri is the one of the most stunning islets on the north coast, really remote, featuring a small sauna and magnificent lighthouse from the 18th century.  On Sunday we will cross from Keri first to Aksi and them Neeme village with fancy restaurant and back to Kaberneeme.


    The length of the trip is about 50  km (ca 12  hours of rowing).  Start on Friday  From the port of Kaberneeme at 16:00, ending on Sunday at about 17:00

    The price of the trip is 150 €. The price includes transport, group management  and rowing equipment.

    COVID19 measures:
    - group size max 10 people
    - Everyone takes care of their own food portion

    The trip is suitable for previous experience  rower. Group managers have the right to make changes to the hiking plan depending on the weather conditions.


    Link to trip plan:



    If the booked or paid event or equipment rental is canceled 60 days before the event, 100% of the participation fee will be refunded. If the rental of a paid event or equipment is canceled at least 30 days before the event, 50% of the participation fee will be refunded. If the hike is canceled less than 14  days before the event, the participation fee will not be refunded. The reservation is valid from the moment the participation fee has been received in the bank account of Kayaking Estonia OÜ.


    Rowing clothes:

    • Dress according to water and air temperature. A warm wash and a waterproof jacket are usually enough in the summer. Leg shorts or sports pants are suitable for warm weather.
    • The foot could be water-resistant shoes. If you can't find anything suitable, you can borrow from us neoprene for surfing.
    • Depending on the weather, the head could have a warm hat or a hat with a wide rim, etc. that protects from the sun.
    • With a water temperature of up to 15 C, it is recommended to use a dry suit and at least a thin (sports) layer of warm wash underneath. If the water temperature is below 10 C, a thicker warm cloth, eg Polartec fleece, should be used under a dry suit. If necessary, dry suits are provided by SKE.
    • Gloves (waterproof, work, cycling or other gloves) are not required for rowing.

    Camp clothing:

    • According to the weather forecast, a pair of changing clothes and shoes to move around in nature.


    Personal camping equipment:

    • Sleeping bag, mat and tent. (It is wise to take a tent on a comb) You can borrow camping tents from SKE for an additional fee.

    • Sunscreen and other personal hygiene products and medicines as needed.



    The SKE team takes care of breakfast (porridge with seeds, fruit and nuts, tea and coffee) and dinner. Please inform about food allergies and preferences 2-3 days before the start of the hike.

    You should take care of your own lunch, snacks and daily personal drinking water. For lunch, it's a good idea to bring picnic stuff, fruit, muesli bars, or the like for rowing breaks.

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