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Silverbirch Broadland 16 Canoe

Silverbirch Broadland 16 Canoe

The Silverbirch Broadland 16 is a composite plastic Prospector type British canoe suitable for the shallow, winding rivers of Estonia. The Broadland canoe has a rounded bottom and moderate rocker. This model is a great companion for families,   for longer camping trips or being out on the water with all your fishing gear.


See uus, väljast must ja seest laimiroheline, 16 jalane kanuu onDuralightwith construction weighing 33.8 kg. The total length of the boat is 4845mm and the widest point is 922mm long. The canoe has 2 wooden seats with braided fabric, a carrying pole and handles. It is possible to purchase a third seat in the middle. The canoe is manufactured in Great Britain and is available immediately.


More information about the characteristics of the canoe can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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