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Silverbirch Broadland 15 Canoe

Silverbirch Broadland 15 Canoe

New Silverbirch Broadland composite plastic British canoe for sale, suitable for shallow, winding rivers in Estonia. The Broadland canoe has a rounded bottom and moderate rocker. In the world, this model is known as an ideal "pocket tandem", which allows you to successfully use it both alone and in pairs. If desired, a medium-wide seat can be purchased immediately for use by a child.

This new 15 foot canoe, purple on the outside and orange on the inside, weighs 29.5 kg with Duralight construction. The total length of the boat is 4565mm and the widest point is 895mm long. The canoe has 2 wooden seats with braided fabric, a carrying pole, handles and rope loops at the ends. The canoe is manufactured in Great Britain and is available immediately. 
More information about Silverbirch canoes can be found on the SB website.

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