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Soomaa Suurvesi in Karuskos

Soomaa Suurvesi in Karuskos

Estonia is drowning in amazonas, perhaps Soomaa is in the fifth season!

It is difficult to predict the course of high water, but as of now, the water level is close to the maximum of the last ten years by the middle of the week and by the first weekend of April, it will still be high enough to experience the fifth season in all its beauty and Karuskosel to celebrate it properly . 


Every day, in the heart of Soomaa, in Karuskos, it is possible to borrow canoes and kayaks and   paddle along the floodplain with a tour guide both in the forest and on the river. Approximately 2.5 hours can be considered as the approximate length of the hike. In addition to the guided canoe trips, you can go to the sauna with a view of the big water.


Guided hikes take place on both Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. The price of a guided hike is €60 and after the hike you can warm up in the middle of the big water_cc781905-94cde- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_sauna.


Book matk for yourself, your family or a group of friends here, by letter or by calling, you can book if you have more special requests.


    The price of a 2.5-hour hike with a hiking guide is €60 adult and €30 for a child over 5 years old. This fee includes canoe equipment (oar, boat, safety vest) and use of the sauna, as well as the service of a tour guide. Participation in a trip with one kayak is €80. If you have your own equipment, the fee for participating in the hike is €30.

    For hiking on your own, canoe rental hind 30€ for an adult and 15€ for a child over 5 years old. The price of renting a kayak is €50.

    Suurvee sauna is located on the Karuskos lake and is a Finnish sauna that can accommodate up to 8 people at the same time and the price of the sauna is €30/30 minutes, €60 an hour.


    Please bring:

    personal drinking water or warm drink thermosega

    spare clothes

    rubber boots should be worn


    Kohtume enne matka Karuskosel, kohale juhatab Waze ja Google maps, auto jätke palun Ingatsi matkaraja parklasse, see asub tee lõpus ja sealt edasi on meie juurde mõned sammud. 

    Karuskose - Sea Kayaking Estonia Basecamp

PriceFrom €35.00
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