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Smoke sauna in Karuskos

Smoke sauna in Karuskos

On the banks of the Raudna River in the Soomaa National Park, there is an old and dignified smoke sauna.

We offer sauna pleasures to hikers in Soomaa and are part of being spent in Soomaa. We do not accept separate sauna groups at the moment.


The sauna stage can accommodate up to seven people at the same time. It heats for 3-6 hours depending on weather conditions. Like many smoke saunas, this sauna has also burned down due to careless heating. Therefore, it is good for those interested to inform us of their sauna wish at least two days in advance so that we can prepare the heating for the appropriate time.


In the spring-autumn-summer time, there is an additional luxury next to the sauna - a hot tub, which costs €270 when enjoyed together.

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