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New SKUK Romany Sportive

New SKUK Romany Sportive

The new Nigel Dennis Kayaks Romany Sportive is a strong plastic sea kayak for the small to medium paddler. A plastic kayak for playful conditions, is made by Romany Surf. according to the design and holds the necessary things for the weekend. The orange boat seat and the edge of the cockpit are made of composite material and yellow in color.


Romany series is a well-maneuvered, low back deck ''playboat'' for the sea. Due to its quick and immediate response, Romany is the "work boat" of many sea kayak trainers. 


This kayak is an excellent choice for rock hopping and touring. The plastic is very strong, stiff linear plastic. Double bulkheads either side of the cockpit. Designed for the small to medium sized paddler.


Front hatch approx. 49.9 lts
Rear hatch approx. 42.24 lts
Day hatch approx. 40.32 lts
Cockpit approx. 144lts

Length 475cm (15.7ft)
Width 53cm (21 inches)

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