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SKUK Triton kahene meresüst

SKUK Triton kahene meresüst

SKUK Triton Double on erakordne kahekohaline meresüst, mis on merekindel, kiire ja saab sõita ka tõsiselt suurte lainetega. Tunne on nagu istuks SKUK Exploreris, aga kahekohalises. See müügis olev paat on 50/50* konstruktsiooniga, kompassiga ja täis kiilukaitsmega. Kasutatud üksikud korrad ja seisukord nagu uuel paadil.

*50/50 Süsinik Kevlar tekk, vaheseinad ja istmed / klaasfiibrist põhi. 


A fun double kayak, suitable for the medium to large paddlers. The kayak is fast and maneuvrable its features taken from the Explorer to produce a double sea kayak that is ideal for weekend and week long trips. The Triton is suitable for the intermediate to advanced paddlers.

The Triton is fitted with the High performance glass seat, unless otherwise requested. A retractable skeg is a standard feature, but a rudder can be fitted as an optional extra. The Triton has four fibreglass bulkheads, 2 hatches (front and rear) and an extra 7.5" (30 cm) day hatch situated behind the stern paddler. Standard keyhole cockpits provide good control and enable easy entry and exit. A recess for two parachute flares is situated between the two kayakers. The kayak can be Eskimo rolled very easily. Rescuing this double kayak is relatively easy as all water in the cockpits will empty quickly when the bow of the kayak is lifted. The Triton is a high performance sporty sea kayak for paddlers who want a fast, seaworthy double kayak.

A day/weekend kayak for the medium to large sized paddlers, length: 673 cm, width: 57 cm, depth: 34 cm, overall volume: 476.5 litres, front hatch volume: 73 litres, cockpit volume: 147 litres, day hatch volume: 37.5 litres, rear hatch volume: 56 litres.

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